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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Field Agent Crowd Sources Retail Discovery

I was recently pointed to the Field Agent IPhone App. It implemented an idea which was discussed a number of times in the enterprise before the emergence of Apps and Smartphones. The idea was to crowdsource some of the time-consuming work that is necessary to verify aspects of retail execution. Has a display been set up? Is an item out of stock? Can someone follow posted directions in a store?

Once registering as a 'field agent' you can choose assignments that are close to your location, go to that location and get paid a few dollars for your assignment's completion. After verification, you are paid for your task.

I read some of the reviews and there is considerable complaint about the actual number of assignments that are available. For example, when I checked the App recently it assigned me to go to a Target store 29 miles away to take a picture and verify some installations. For $4. So if you could get enough assignments you might make a living at it. The company acknowledges that they have just started up and are in the process of gathering more clients to match to agents. Overall a nice idea, must have been since we thought of it, that needs some additional work. More review.

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