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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Frito-Lay to Feature Ergonomic Checkout in its Innovation Center

This is new. I had thought there would be some complaints in self checkout, but then you always have to lift the heavy bags of charcoal, or 24 packs of cans out of your cart even in a standard checkout. Yet as I read this the checkouts are better for employees and shopper. Note also the mention of an innovation center. Like to think we influenced FL in setting one up for retail research.

" ... Frito-Lay to Feature Ergonomic Checkout in its Innovation Center
Pan-Oston, a designer and manufacturer of retail checkout and display solutions, has been tapped as the featured checkout lane provider for the Frito-Lay research innovation center, a simulation supermarket used to study shopper behaviors. The Bowling Green, Ky.-based vendor’s ErgoLane — an ergonomically designed checkout lane — was installed at the center as a component of the consumer shopping experience analysis.

The ErgoLane, which Pan-Oston said meets or exceeds ADA compliance for both cashiers and customers, was developed to use less space than a conventional lane, provide enhanced user comfort, speed up customer transaction times, and increase the number of hourly transactions. It also meets LEED rating system requirements, according to the vendor ... "

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