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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mobile Location in Retail

Treosystems is a company that we worked with in our innovation centers. A leader in the accurate gathering and delivery of product location and wayfinding in retail. They have been using kiosk based solutions for years in thousands of locations. Now they are going mobile:

" ... TreoSystems announced today its partnership with Flip Pocket, a leading provider of custom mobile applications, to expand its innovative iPAL product locator system as a mobile application for consumers.

TreoSystems delivers item locator and wayfinding solutions to the retail industry designed specifically to help both customers and employees find products faster and easier in large stores. Normally deployed on self-service kiosks in stores, with this announcement shoppers will be able to download the iPAL application directly to a variety of mobile platforms, search for an item in any of the retailer’s stores, and be shown not only the exact location of the item within a particular store but also suggestions for related items they may need. Other pertinent information can also be presented, such as store-specific coupons or promotions, shopping lists, product information and pricing, all designed to enhance each shopper’s store experience .... '

Full press release here.

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