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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alice, 3D and Seeking True Virtual Experiences

I recently saw Burton's Alice in IMax 3D, and have long loved the story itself. I was struck though my the limitation of the 3D experience. It provided some layers of depth, but not much better than those in the Vincent Price films of the 50s. You saw the same examples of the makers of the film playing to the effect, not attempting to provide a virtual immerse world. Sometimes losing the story itself. So when will we get that next level of reality, augmented and presented in a way we can really experience it? Lose ourself in it? A recent development at the MIT Media lab shows another direction. The link provides a video. ' ... Surround Vision isn't quite VR either, but it's an interesting way of breaking the perception barrier, allowing a viewer to pan around a scene outside the perspective offered by one display ... '

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