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Thursday, April 02, 2009

RFID - Enabled Loyalty Program

An interesting example of using RFID tags to enable a loyalty program. Touchless systems are by their nature more convenient than scans.

RFID-enabled in-store marketing goes straight to the TOP
TOP Food and Drug, a Washington State grocery chain operated by Haggen Inc., has deployed an RFID-enabled customer relationship program in its stores. The program, TOP Connection, uses RFID-enabled key tags (or adhesive tags for cellphones) to target customers with tailored marketing promotions and value-added services.

The TOP Connection system uses a software platform from Accelitec Inc. This system, which is interfaced with RFID readers placed at checkout terminals and the key tags issued to customers, functions as an on-demand customer acquisition and retention platform, and holds encrypted customer information on secure servers. The software platform is compatible with legacy hardware and software used by most retailers ... ".

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