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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Netezza and Mapinfo

Used the package Mapinfo several times in the enterprise. Including the construction of front ends for optimization packages for the supply chain. The world of geographical information systems has changed considerably in the last few years. APIs for popular mapping programs have changed this domain. Most BI packages include a method to visualize geographic data.

Still, more fully featured GIS systems give better capabilities for mapping and analyzing location data. They also allow quick interaction with massive databases allowing an element of interactive analytics.

Mapinfo eventually ended up being acquired by Pitney-Bowes Business Insight, also a company we had interacted with a few times. Now they have announced a partnership with fast data warehouse innovator Netezza, which I have recently started talking to. This makes a lot sense, the article linked to above covers some of their telecom analysis directions:

" ... Using solutions from Pitney Bowes Business Insight along with Netezza data platforms, telecommunications providers can leverage vast data sets on customer behavior information, such as service usage patterns, detailed call records and website use, to analyze and segment customers. This comprehensive data analysis allows providers to target services or new opportunities to the most appropriate customers and prospects. Telecommunications organizations can also use customer data to better manage costs and revenue by mapping network assets and identifying optimal sites for network expansion ... "

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