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Friday, April 03, 2009

This Blog now on the ACM Site

This blog, among a number of others, is now featured on the re-designed Communications of the ACM site. I have been a member of the ACM since grad school and this is the first time I have contributed directly. In the past I have pointed to a number of their articles here. ACM stands for 'Association for Computing Machinery' and is the preeminent professional group for computer science. We have not called our devices machinery for a long time, but it does point to the breadth of coverage.

Previously more academic, it has in recent years become much better at providing for the needs of the professional. The addition of blogs adds a dimension that reveals what the diversity of professionals is thinking about. Also has an excellent digital library for the member. Check it out and think about joining. A Twitter presence is also being tested and I will post about that later.

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