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Friday, April 17, 2009

Electronic Shelf Labels, Again

More on Electronic Shelf Labels. I studied the issue of electronic shelf labels (ESL) nearly a decade ago and participated in several tests. If you have not looked at this, it is a tiny LCD label that replaces the printed price label on the edge of the shelf.

These can often be driven wirelessly from a central database of prices such as that used at point of sale. Saves labor costs of changing prices and can avoid the draconian penalties leveled by some regulators when the price charged does not equal the price posted. Also, ESL can also be used as small displays to attract the shopper and provide product information.

ESL's are still not in broad use due to their cost and infrastructure requirements. Also tests have shown they are hard to read, especially on bottom shelves, by some shoppers.

The image at the right came from Marginmate, who I have not worked with.

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