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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Minimum Inventory, Maximum Diversity

From the Wolfram Research blog. About logo design using parametric equations and algorithms. Fascinating experiment that neatly combines design and mathematics. Regret I no longer have access to Mathematica to test this concept. Update: In the comments, Josh points out that there is a free Mathematica player, so you can experiment ... The pointer to Pearce's excellent book is also enjoyable .... If you are interesting in math and design check this and related articles in the Mathematica blog.

" ... A: They’re all instances of “minimum inventory/maximum diversity” systems, a term coined by Peter Pearce in his book, Structure in Nature Is a Strategy for Design (MIT Press, 1978).

A minimum inventory/maximum diversity system is a kit of modular parts and rules of assembly that gives you maximal design bang for your design-component buck. It’s a system that achieves a wide variety of effects from a small variety of parts. Nature excels at this game: every one of the many millions of natural proteins is assembled from an inventory of just 20 amino acids. Snowflakes are all just arrangements of the humble water molecule, H2O ... "

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Unknown said...

There is a free Mathematica player available for download, and the widget is on the demonstrations site.