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Monday, January 19, 2009

Visualizing Earthquakes

I just rediscovered the Wolfram blog. Had not used Mathematica now for several years. I know that their visualization capabilities are excellent, especially combined with their math modeling. Quite Pricey for the individual. Though their focus is for analytics/math experts rather than BI modelers. I had also been following the recent earthquake swarm at the Yellowstone caldera. If this erupted it would be of some (!) concern.

A poster on the blog has shown how he created a visualization of the earthquake swarm. Sample image at the right and link to the animation in the blog post. Nicely done and fairly simple. What is nice is the availability to quickly mash up these ideas for display and analysis. Many BI systems now have the ability to link geographically precise images with lat-long data and them animating the results.

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