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Monday, January 12, 2009

Internet and the Press

How does the internet weaken the press? By an existence proof, the local paper delivered to my door is getting thinner by the day.



Franz, were you referring to this mornings issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer? We get it delivered (my wife reads it) and I almost missed it today in the "light" snow fall. From the weight I would say not much news and not many ad's. I believe it was these same folks that said the Internet was just a fad and that no one could possibly take it serious as a news source. Where is that new business model? What is next for magazines?

Franz Dill said...

Yes, Curious, exactly ... I guess this is the after holiday time, but still ... the model is starting to fail completely. Craig's list is taking away the local model as well. The NYTimes is now selling front page space and is close to bankruptcy. Where will it end?