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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Logic Programming

I was just connected to a UK company called Logic Programming Associates Ltd. Which has a number of products including WIN-Prolog and VisiRule. The latter has a visual interface which allows you to construct interfaces for decision tree problems.

Reminds me of work we did in the late 80s, developing a system we called Decision 1-2-3, constructed with Teknowledge's M1 system. (M1 no longer exists) It was designed so that any clever employee could build their own expert systems based on their own or an experts knowledge. A user could construct a decision tree, or use a list of cases to generate a tree. Dozens of applications were built with the system, though it never became as widely used as we hoped. Ultimately the AI hype receded and our AI team disbanded.

These kinds of expertise problems still exist and this package is worth looking at to solve decision tree style problems. I know because as an internal consultant they frequently came up. I am investigating some possible applications now. I would appreciate any comments on applying LPA.

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