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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Places of the Future

Fraunhofer Institute has put together some research in constructing a hotel room of the future. Marriott tried to do something that included lots of easy interconnectivity in a hotel room, so you could create your own heaven ... or depending on view perhaps it was the other place? I was part of an innovation group that worked with Hilton to do something similar, though all the resources we had were some flip charts.

I now have been involved with and seen a number of examples of 'of the future' concepts, including homes, stores, hotels and decision centers. I have never seen anything close to any one implemented completely. Yet they are great places to test how a new idea can be presented to a consumer and react to the values it claims to provide. Another example recently brought to my attention is the Brussels House of the Future.

The Fraunhofer hotel example looks well thought out, though again much about information technology rather than architecture or direct comfort. Includes mention of scent delivery. One architecture example, curved walls, are known to produce a calming effect, but are very expensive to deliver. Includes a video.

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