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Sunday, January 04, 2009

TouchGraph Revisited

I looked at TouchGraph some time ago. Has a demo of visualizing searches and determining the connections between search results. Many new features in this new version. When you search on a URL or some text you will get a connected graph that you can then drag around, select items to expand or edit and explore connections.

I remember using an earlier version to do some competitive intelligence. Although most of the connections were obvious I did find some links that were surprising. My experience with these kinds of visualizations is that they don't provide a way that you may want the structure of the data arranged, but the new look can lead to things you may have not known. Well worth a look.

Above is a visualization of the term 'neuromarketing'. In the application each of the nodes can then be clicked on to expand the space. Areas of no interest can be pruned away.

TouchGraph also has other data visualization products and services I have not yet explored .... but will.

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