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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Semantic Data Lakes

Via Tim Smith.

Hadoop, Triple Stores, and the Semantic Data Lake, by Alex Woodie

Hadoop-based data lakes are springing up all over the place as organizations seek low-cost repositories for storing huge mounds of semi-structured data. But when it comes to analyzing that data, some organizations are finding the going tougher than expected. One solution to the dilemma may be found in Hadoop-resident graph databases and the notion of the semantic data lake.

Despite their growing popularity, data lakes have taken a bit of heat lately as analyst firms like Gartner call into question their long-term viability. Without a way to organize the schemaless data that people are shunting into Hadoop en masse, the data lakes risk becomes convoluted quagmires, where data goes in and nothing useful comes out.   ....  " 

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