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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Open Source Game Sand Boxes for AI

Always liked the idea of setting up 'sandbox' environments where new technologies could be tested under varying contexts.    Good to see this being done here in AI with open source.  Will like to see some examples. Why not invite humans to specific experiments?

" ... Microsoft has published the source code for its Project Malmo, allowing anyone to conduct artificial intelligence experiments in the world of Minecraft with a little programming.

It unveiled the project, then known as AIX, back in March, but at the time only a few academics had access to the code. On Thursday, the company made good on its promise to open the source code by publishing it on Github.

Minecraft, the blocky world-building game that Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for two years ago, is an ideal place to test how artificial intelligences will interact with one another and with humans.  .... "

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