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Sunday, July 03, 2016

IOT and Vending Machines: Coke and SAP

Good points, we had looked at related applications with vending,  service communications and kiosks, before the advent of IOT.   Cognitive application of supply chain efficiencies can also be considered.

In Readwrite: IoT and vending machines: Connecting an already distributed network  by Amanda Razani. 

Smart vending machines are an excellent example of how the “Internet of Things” (IoT) can affect business models and revenue flow. ... The vending industry is going through a sea of change. The access to data that is generated by connected devices has changed the way companies can operate and the way in which they generate revenues. Constant connectivity allows companies to offer customers a product utility as a service, as seen in vending machines.

With user customization, improved security, smart payments and continuous monitoring of inventory and consumption patterns, opportunities for vending machines to dispense new products in more profitable ways, using a network of connected devices are limitless.

Traditional vending machines have evolved, since they were first introduced almost a century ago. Technology that includes more digital capabilities, has transformed them into smart, connected machines.  ... 

 ....  chipmaker Intel have stepped in with smart solutions, enabling a new breed of connected, smart vending machines that offer lower operating costs and cloud connectivity.  With these solutions, machine operators can diagnose and repair systems remotely, and receive real-time updates, such as supply and operating status, that can be used to optimize delivery schedules and improve inventory tracking and controls.

Includes a case study of Coke and SAP.

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