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Monday, July 11, 2016

Free eBook: 23 Reasons to Get Excited About Data

Below, links to a free eBook that covers a number of practical and exciting applications of data analytics. Nicely done,  selected from our collegial group on the use of Watson Analytics.   More and link here.

By Forsyth Alexander :  

In a lot of ways, data gets a bad rap. Businesses have been collecting and analyzing data for decades. As a result, simply saying “data” is enough to conjure images of someone poring over a thick stack of spreadsheets, manually going through row after row to identify trends and figure out what to do with them. Who can really get excited about that? Not me.

The thing is, data doesn’t deserve its reputation. It’s the spreadsheets, the reports in table form, the tiny numbers on paper or on a screen that are daunting. Data itself has value because without it, we’re limited to making decisions based on instinct or gut feel. Occasionally, that might work out, much like how a broken 12-hour clock is right two times a day.

Data analysis technology makes it possible to make immediate decisions based on facts and sound statistics, giving companies a leg up on their competition. And what business doesn’t love competitive advantage?

So, basically, data is not boring. Data is exciting, especially if you get something out of it. Check out this e-book for 23 reasons for you to get excited about data with insightful commentary from a group of great social media influencers, who we call the Watson Analytics Predictioneers.  ... ." 

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