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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wearables as a Sixth Health Sense

In CWorld:  How do you think of wearable computing?  We have become very used to having a device next to us that acts as sensor, library and communicator.  So is it another sense that we need to treat the same way as our others?  How do we combine it with the other senses?   In particular about health:

" .... People will one day depend on wearable computers to monitor not just their activities but a myriad of data about their health, making the devices basically like a sixth sense. ... That's the vision that was laid out during the MIT Tech Conference on disruptive technologies in Cambridge, Mass. this past weekend. The wearable computer market will see the kind of dramatic growth that the smartphone market has over the last decade and wearables will morph from Fitbit-like bracelets to patches that stick to users' skin and sensors embedded in t-shirts and sneakers. ... " 

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