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Friday, March 21, 2014

Intelligent Light, Efficient Lighting and Sensors

Using light as a means of network construction has existed for some time.  It has interesting advantages and constraints.   We tested it for very specialized retail conditions.  From Radar OReilly:   A good overview of players in the space, which takes the idea beyond networking into energy efficiency:   " .... Consider the electric light: it’s ubiquitous and, well, boring. But meld it with some modern technology and you get intelligent lighting — wirelessly networked LED lights augmented by software and sensors. ... Early adopters have included creators of Las Vegas shows and productions, but in the big picture, entertainment is a mere sideshow. Intelligent lighting’s greatest impacts will be in the commercial and industrial sectors: warehouses, office buildings, factories, cold storage plants, hospitals — any place that encompasses large spaces and employs a lot of lights. ,,, That’s because smart lighting is highly efficient lighting. .... " 

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