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Monday, March 31, 2014

Pepsi in Augmented Reality Digest

An interesting digest of augmented reality applications, most in marketing and entertainment driven, a good view of what is going on commercially in the space.  From Augmented Pixels.  Featured, Pepsi's effort:

" ...  Pepsi Max Launches “Invading” Campaign in London
london augmented pepsiPepsi utilized augmented reality technology long time ago, Their campaigns and app always provide some fresh ideas and original look and feel. This time Pepsi installed the “Unbelievable Bus Shelter” as a part of the brand’s Unbelievable campaign on New Oxford Street in London with digital technology and a camera facing the street behind the shelter, giving the allusion that the digital display was a glass window panel.

The different effects including an alien invasion, falling fireballs, running tigers, killer robots, etc.were then played on top of this image, causing passers by to stop, stare and take pictures. Augmented reality is used to play digital content on top of real-world images, giving the illusion that situations are happening in real life. ... " 

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