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Friday, May 21, 2010

On Biosimilars

Bain writes on Biosimilars, a term I have not heard for a while, though it came up in research work.

Biosimilars: A marathon, not a sprint for pharma
by Bain partners Nils Behnke, Norbert Hueltenschmidt, Andy Pasternak and Karan Singh
While it is hard to predict exactly how—or when—the market for biosimilars will evolve, their potential impact on the global pharmaceuticals industry cannot be ignored. Just as generics emerged as a powerful force in the last two decades, for many in the pharma industry, biosimilars will be a strong agent for change in the future—either through disruption or innovation. ... '

1 comment:

Ashritha said...

My colleagues and I have authored what we believe is India’s first ever complete mapping of the Biosimilars opportunity in India. The report is nowbeing made available to the general public.
Various issues have been dealt with, such as:
- Patent expirations
- Regulatory frameworks
- Infrastructure Requirements
- Etc.
If anyone is interested in this report, please contact me at (infoalcpl@gmail.com), and I would send you the brochure and other details.