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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next Generation Cave

I have seen a number of uses of the CAVE environment, at universities, retail and manufacturing laboratories. And although each has been a very impressive attempt to change the context of a person, they have also had a number of limitations. For example not really being suitable for the average consumer, or unable to really understand certain aspects of of the behavior of that consumer without encumbering them with wires and headsets. Or making them dizzy. All short of what is really need to virtualize the experience in store.

Now a report on new advances in the Cave from the CACM. The new generation: ' ... A total makeover of a virtual reality device called the CAVE, invented at the University of Illinois at Chicago, promises rewards that could make Aladdin jealous.

"It'll be the first 3-D flat-paneled display system to provide so much resolution it'll match human visual acuity—literally 20/20 vision quality," says Jason Leigh, associate professor of computer science and director of UIC's Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL). "It will be the most amazing-looking, three-dimensional virtual environment anyone has ever seen." ...

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