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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Atlas Category Management

More on TNS's Atlas Category simulation tool. Unique in its ability to predict the results of key merchandising decisions. I have discussed Atlas here a number of times.

' ... This report introduces Atlas, a model that accurately describes shopper behavior across a series of supermarkets in terms of traffic across the store, share of shopping at various locations, resulting purchases, and the amount of time shoppers invest in these activities. The value of the tool to measure the in-store “audience” for advertisers is assessed as is its utility for allowing store management to evaluate a wide range of “what if” movements of categories to alternate locations, with alternate display sizes. This report focuses on center-of-store aisles but points the way to deployment for the full store, including end-caps and perimeter displays.' ... Via Herb Sorensen of TNS and Jacob Suher of Wharton

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