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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

KYield Diabetes Use Case Scenario

Mark Montgomery of KYield writes:

" .. I am pleased to share with you our health care use case, which is an important cornerstone of our series 'Semantic Scenarios for the Intelligent Enterprise':
We selected the diabetes mellitus (type 2) scenario to demonstrate the value of the Kyield platform for the health care ecosystem. Given the very high cost of health care in the U.S. currently, with an unsustainable economic trajectory, it is essential that costs be driven lower while improving care. Diabetes type 2 for example has direct costs exceeding $200 billion annually in the U.S. alone, the majority of which is preventable.

The most obvious method in overcoming this significant challenge is with far more intelligent and efficient HIT systems. It's important to highlight, however, that the two largest potential areas for cost savings are in disease prevention and organizational efficiency, which is evidenced in this use case. Not only do the majority of HIT applications and systems fail to address the two most important areas; many actually lead to higher costs across the health care ecosystem.

This was a challenging use case scenario to develop and write due to the complexity of the disease, large body of regulations, incomplete standards, and conflicting interests between the partners in the ecosystem. I had additional personal motivation with this project as my father died a few years ago from complications from diabetes, which was diagnosed shortly after my brother died of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Ever since the shocking phone call from my brother in the summer of 1997, I have followed ALS research, which is a highly complex and brutal disease.

Diabetes type 2 is also complex, but unlike ALS and many other diseases, diabetes type 2 is largely preventable with a relatively modest change in behavior and lifestyle. Diabetes type 2 has a cure for the majority of patients: prevention through behavioral change and adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

It is not entirely accidental that the HIT sections found in the stimulus and health care reform legislation are well matched for the Kyield platform. Our mission intentionally aligns with the needs of the health care ecosystem; an R&D process that began more than a decade ago.

I am confident that the path provided by this scenario will lead to effective disease prevention, health care delivery at substantially lower costs, and personalized medicine that optimizes tailored therapies for the individual patient. In addition, the integration of anonymous data with life science researchers should result in more effective discoveries in less time at lower costs.

Kyield Healthcare Platform:
Patient Health Management
Diabetes and the American Healthcare System ... "

Mark Montgomery
Founder & CEO - Kyield
Web: http://www.kyield.com
Email: markm@kyield.com

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