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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cloud Computing Intro

The Economist gives a good overview of the meaning of cloud computing.


Curious Voyager said...

Franz thanks for this this link. I am into and surrounded by the "Cloud" and believe that we are getting closer and closer to ubiquitous computing. I think that if we are ever to see AI in reality we will have to see ubiquitous computing.

Are you following the PDC (Microsofts Professional Developer Conference) in LA this week? There is to be more information regarding Windows Strata - the Cloud Computing OS that Steve Balmer had discussed earlier this month.

As for computing have you looked into Live Mesh from Microsoft? We are using it to synch. home desktops and notebooks from everywhere with files that we are working on. Great stuff. Thanks again for writing.

Franz Dill said...


Thanks very such for those references, will look into them.