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Monday, October 24, 2022

Tech Advances or Creeping Madness?

 Soo to be drones Everywhere? 

Casino Developers Want to Fill Times Square With Surveillance Drones

"If the city makes this high-stakes bet on casino surveillance, I worry they’ll gamble away the future of our public streets," said one privacy expert.   By Thomas Germain in Gizmodo

There’s great news if you’re a fan of gambling and flying, spying robots.

Times Square, fifth circle of hell and home of the world’s dumbest ads, could be the site of New York City’s next casino. Caesars Entertainment has teamed up with developer SL Green Realty Corporation in a bid for a casino license, and they’re trying to sweeten the pot with a proposal that is going to drive you wild if you hate privacy.

According to a document obtained by the New York Times:

If You Live in One of These Cities, There's Probably a Security Camera Pointed at Your Face Right Now

In their letter seeking support for the casino, SL Green and Caesars said that gambling revenues could be used to more than double the number of “public safety officers” in Times Square and to deploy surveillance drones.

The letter said a new casino would result in more than 50 new artificial intelligence camera systems “strategically placed throughout Times Square, each capable of monitoring 85,000+ people per day.” ... ' 

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