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Friday, October 28, 2022

Apple Forms Security Research Hub

New emphasis on Security Apple Security Research

Apple Launches New Security Research Hub

Apple engineers share technical details about the team's work on memory safety features on the new Apple Security Research site. 

dr_staff_125x125.jpg  Dark Reading Staff

Apple's work on hardening the memory allocator has made it harder for attackers to exploit certain classes of software vulnerabilities on iOS and Mac devices, the company's security engineers wrote on a new website Apple launched to share technical details behind iOS and MacOS security technologies.

The new initiative, Apple Security Research, also offers tools to help security researchers report issues to Apple, get real-time status updates for submitted reports, communicate securely with Apple engineers investigating the issue, and provides information about the Apple Security Bounty program. The intent behind the new security hub is to share with the research community how Apple engineers approach security challenges, and also to invite researcher contributions and feedback.

Memory safety is a key area of focus, especially since memory safety violations are the most widely exploited class of software vulnerabilities. On Apple platforms, improving memory safety includes "finding and fixing vulnerabilities, developing with safe languages, and deploying mitigations at scale," the engineers wrote in a technical post on XNU memory safety.  ... ' 

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