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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Smelling in VR

A space we examined in retail.

Smelling in VR is Possible with Gaming Technology

Stockholm University (Sweden)

October 12, 2022

Scientists at Sweden's Stockholm and Malmö universities have created a three-dimensionally (3D)-printable "olfactometer" that can generate odors in virtual reality via a gaming controller. The researchers deployed the scent machine in a game where players guess types of wines in a virtual cellar by their aromas. When the players lift virtual glasses, the olfactometer attached to the controller discharges an odor. The olfactometer has four valves that are each connected to a channel, which under the player's control open to a different extent and release unique fragrance mixtures. Said Malmö University's Simon Niedenthal, "The possibility to move on from a passive to a more active sense of smell in the game world paves the way for the development of completely new smell-based game mechanics based on the players' movements and judgments."

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