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Saturday, October 29, 2022

AI Model Transferability in Healthcare

Very good look at this issue,  considering potential application. 

AI Model Transferability in Healthcare: A Sociotechnical Perspective

By Nature Machine Intelligence, October 24, 2022  (Was Introduced to Nature Machine Intelligence) 

Predictive model transferability is gaining more attention as healthcare organizations attempt to implement artificial intelligence (AI)-based prediction tools. Although some machine learning (ML)-based models fail when subjected to retrospective validation across institutions and patient populations, technical improvements show promise for addressing this model efficacy problem. To address the engineering challenges, a technical subfield labelled MLOps has emerged.

However, the focus of MLOps on technical transferability may be obscuring a larger set of obstacles to sociotechnical transferability: organizational, social, and individual challenges of deploying models at scale across contexts, whether institutions, teams or individual roles....

To deliver value in healthcare AI and ML models must be integrated not only into technology platforms but also into local human and organizational ecosystems and workflows.

From Nature Machine Intelligence

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