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Friday, October 14, 2022

Use of Fitness Device Data

 An example of data use. 

Specific Links Between Exercise, Memory, Mental Health Revealed by Fitness Trackers

By SciTechDaily,  October 4

Dartmouth College researchers found that exercise could be optimized to improve mental and cognitive health.

The researchers studied 113 Fitbit users and found that different intensities of exercise were associated with improvements in different aspects of mental health and memory.

The study showed higher stress levels among those who engaged in intense activity, and lower rates of depression and anxiety among those who exercised at lower intensities.

The researchers looked at average heart rates, daily step counts, and time spent exercising in different "heart rate zones" over the course of a calendar year and assessed participants on episodic, spatial, and associative memory tasks.

Said Dartmouth's Jeremy Manning, "Specific forms of physical activity and specific aspects of mental health seem to affect each aspect of memory differently."

From SciTechDaily  

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