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Friday, October 21, 2022

Volvo to Install Lidar Sensors on All New Cars

 Good idea to get additional operational testing of Lidar in an entire fleet. 


Volvo to Install Laser Sensors on New Cars

By Financial Times, September 29, 2022

While lidar systems are common in self-driving vehicles, few carmakers have installed them into regular road cars, in part because of the cost.

Volvo Cars will soon become the first automaker to install laser-based sensors across its entire fleet.

The LiDAR sensor to be included with the upcoming electric version of its XC90 sport utility vehicle, dubbed the EX90, could reduce collisions by 9% and accidents with injuries or fatalities by 20%, according to Volvo CEO Jim Rowan.

Rowan said the sensor from Luminar can see "a black tire on a black road at 120 meters ahead, or a pedestrian at 250 meters."

He added that Volvo plans to include similar LiDAR sensors in all future models.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are among other automakers with plans to roll out LiDAR sensors in their vehicles.

From Financial Times

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