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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Suing for Surveillance

 See also with further comment in Schneier:    

Journalist Sues Predator Spyware Maker for Allegedly Helping Government Surveil Him

A Greek financial journalist is one of several who believe they have been targeted for surveillance by the nation's government with the help of Intellexa.

By Lucas Ropek

A Greek journalist who was targeted for surveillance with spyware has filed a lawsuit against the spyware’s proprietor, hoping to spur a criminal investigation into the malfeasance surrounding the sales and use of such spying tools.

In late March 2021, Thanasis Koukakis was notified by a team of digital researchers that his phone had been infected with malware. A reporter who typically covers finance, Koukakis had been in the midst of investigating corruption issues when his device was infected. Research later showed that his phone had been under surveillance for approximately two months.  .... ' 

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