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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Cognixion One, a Brain Interface with AR

Brought to my attention.    Updates to Cognixion.   More at the link. Let me know of your experience and I will report it here ....


The World's First Brain Computer Interface with Augmented Reality

Wearable Speech™ Generating Device   ©2020 Cognixion, Patents Pending

Say Hello to Cognixion ONE​  ...  (link above) 

For too long, the assistive technology industry has relied on repurposed consumer electronics, often years behind the cutting edge of what is possible.

At Cognixion, we believe that every individual deserves a solution as unique as they are – and that it’s possible to build one tool for communication, access, and everything else life brings their way.

Enter Cognixion ONE. No more dangling wires. No more PC monitor blocking your view of the person you’re speaking with. No more leaving your voice and your control at home, or in the classroom; Cognixion ONE is a wearable window to the world, offering both speech and an integrated AI assistant for home automation control and other enrichment. 

Whether you use Cognixion ONE’s AR environment via head pointing, Brain-Computer Interface, or switch, you’ll see how it’s built from the ground up to reduce the lag between intention and outcome.

Think it. Say it. Do it.

Cognixion ONE - The world's first wearable brain computer Interface with AR | Product Hunt

Extending Abilities to the Most Vulnerable

Designed by neurologists and biosignal engineers in concert with Speech-Language Pathologists and a large group of users and professionals, Cognixion ONE comes out of the gate with integrated home automation AI and multiple context-aware predictive keyboards. We’re prepared to meet the needs of anyone with complex communication disorders including CP, ALS, and hundreds of other conditions exhaustively researched and tested by our team.

Almost anyone who has been reliant on switch or eye control access is an immediate candidate for Cognixion ONE, as well as many other conditions for which there was previously no good access method such as Locked-In Syndrome or hyperkinetic conditions causing too much movement for reliable eye tracking. Our durable design and optional accessory straps mean you can use Cognixion ONE with confidence all throughout your daily life.

Your Window to the World

Cognixion ONE is an entirely wireless, mobile solution that doesn’t just give you freedom to move – it gives you freedom to move the world. 

Direct integration with a popular AI assistant (tba) provides access to home automation, music, games, and more; you don’t need to own a hub, because it is a hub. 

Our speech generating software also displays text on the mirrored lens, so you can be understood even in loud environments – or disable sound and use text only for private conversations. 

A 4G cellular connection ensures you always have a direct line to your AI assistant and our other cloud services, all of which are completely secure and compliant with all international privacy laws.  ... '

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