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Friday, September 30, 2022

Why No Self Driving Car Yet?

Depends on the specific definition , But Same Answer ....


Why Don't You Have A Self-Driving Car Yet?

By Forbes, September 29, 2022

People often ask, "Where's my self-driving car?" "Why don't I have one and when will it come?" A lot of people feel they were promised a car by the late 20-teens and it's late, and perhaps isn't coming, like the flying cars talked about decades ago.

In this two-article series (with accompanying videos) let's look at the core reasons you probably aren't riding in a robocar today, and when it might happen. What are the core technological, legal and social issues standing in the way, and, and what issues actually aren't blockers?

For most of us, these cars can't get here soon enough. They have the promise of avoiding a decent fraction of today's car accidents which kill over a million each year around the world. They will make our lives easier and rewrite the principles of transportation. In doing that, they will rewrite where we live and the very nature of the city, as well as dozens of other industries from energy to retailing. Every day we delay getting these things out on the road in volume, thousands will die at the hands of people who shouldn't have been driving. Every day we delay.

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