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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hints at Apple Mixed Reality Efforts

Apple has done innovation quite well,  Look forward to their Mixed Reality efforts. 

Apple Might Use ‘Reality’ Naming Convention for Its Mixed Reality Devices

By Josh Norem on August 30, 2022 at 12:15 pm  in ExtremeTech

It’s been previously reported that Apple has been working on a mixed reality device for over seven years now. Incredibly, we still have no firm launch plans or any definitive details about the mysterious device. However, recent trademark filings by law firms allegedly associated with Apple give us a clue about possible naming conventions.

Previously it had been reported Apple was working on an operating system for the clandestine headset named Reality OS (rOS). As it turns out, the rest of the device’s parts might have similar branding. Trademark applications have been filed in various countries for the names Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor, Bloomberg reports. This seems to indicate two models for Apple’s upcoming headset; the base model One and a Pro version. Whatever custom silicon it puts inside will inevitably be labeled a Reality processor. Because TSMC hasn’t spun up its 3nm fab just yet, it’ll likely be a 5nm part that’s based on the M2 design. It will reportedly include 16GB of memory and a second chip to handle graphics. .... ' 

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