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Friday, September 23, 2022

Researchers Bring Underwater Messaging App to Smartphones

Quite Unusual Direction here, but could empower such teams.

 Researchers Bring Underwater Messaging App to Smartphones

Allen School News (University of Washington)

Kristin Osborne,  August 29, 2022

The AquaApp mobile interface developed by University of Washington (UW) researchers facilitates underwater messaging using acoustic signals. "With AquaApp, we demonstrate underwater messaging using the speaker and microphone widely available on smartphones and watches," said UW's Tuochao Chen. AquaApp users can choose among 240 preset messages corresponding to hand signals employed by divers, with the 20 most-used signals displayed for easy access; they also can screen messages through categories such as directional indicators, environmental factors, and equipment status. AquaApp features an algorithm that optimizes the bitrate and acoustic frequencies of each transmission based on certain parameters in real time, while a networking protocol shares access to an underwater network.  ... ' 

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