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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Visualizing Nanoscale Structures in Real Time

 Visualizing Nanoscale Structures in Real Time

University of Michigan News

James Lynch, August 18, 2022

A beta version of open-source three-dimensional (3D) data visualization software developed by University of Michigan (U-M)-led researchers can render nanoscale visuals of structures in minutes. The enhanced tomviz tool also allows researchers to view and manipulate 3D visualizations in real time, which could dramatically accelerate materials research. U-M's Robert Hovden said the software pulls data directly from an electron microscope as it is generated, and displays results immediately. Previously, researchers had to capture hundreds of two-dimensional projection images of nanomaterial from various angles and feed them to tomviz, which would take hours to produce 3D visualizations from them. Hovden said thanks to the augmented software, "You can start interpreting and doing science before you're even done with an experiment."  ... '

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