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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Restaurants Ready for Robotics

 Seen lots of evidence for this.   Are robotics ready to take up the slack?  Have yet to see a robot in action at a restaurant.  Inevitable to take up significant work, but how much and when?

 Desperate for Workers, Restaurants Turn to Robots

The New York Times, Janet Morrisey,  October 20, 2021

Restaurant and hotel owners are using robots to compensate for the pandemic-fueled worker shortage. Miso Robotics' Mike Bell said his company is seeing 150 inquiries weekly for its Flippy robot, which can fry fast food using artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, computer vision, and robotic arms; he said such robots improve cooking accuracy and consistency, reducing errors that could lead to foodborne illness. Bear Robotics' Servi robot employs cameras and laser sensors to carry plates of food from the kitchen to tables. Knightscope's robots patrol outdoor or indoor areas using AI, video, and two-way audio, and also feature thermal imaging and license plate recognition capabilities. Industry experts think labor shortages have ramped up robots' acceptance in the workplace. ... ' 

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