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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Pratt @ Whitney with Low-Code

Had a few long ago links with Pratt & Whitney, and continue to like the idea of Low-Code approaches if they can ensure that security is built in with standard codes that are used.  Have not looked at WEBCON

Pratt & Whitney’s Low-Code Strategy to Save Development Time

Aircraft engine maker leverages platform from WEBCON to tighten up some of its operations.

By Joao-Pierre S. Ruth, Senior Writer  in InformationWeek

Aerospace engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney expanded its use of a low-code resource to streamline certain operational processes and make more efficient use of its veterans’ institutional memory.

With nearly a century of history, Pratt & Whitney is a staple of the aerospace and defense industries. Its engines can be found in the F-35 Lightning II fighter, the venerable B-52 bomber, as well as commercial and civilian aircraft.

The breadth of its production led to the company accumulating more than 2,000 different types of forms that became a challenge to track, says Jocelyn Brulé, digital technology manager with Pratt & Whitney. In the past, such forms might have been printed and signed for approval, but he says that was no longer feasible with much of the staff working remotely through the pandemic. Further, the old method of getting printed approvals was inefficient -- something had to change. “It’s not just the signature that is painful,” Brulé says. “To track where the approval is at, if it’s on paper or an email, you can’t track it.”

Pratt & Whitney ramped up its use of the WEBCON BPS low-code platform, which first got introduced to the engine maker via a plant based in Poland. Brulé says the pace of change in technology can be too fast at times for companies and their IT departments to absorb, with details and institutional knowledge not always getting where it is needed. “It’s not just about throwing more money, more people at all of this,” he says. “Companies need to put in place agile, DT (digital technology) organizations where the pace at which they can deliver things is at least as fast as the market evolves.”  ... ' 

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