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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ai Modeling Brain Processing Language

Notable is the statement that AI is not attempting to directly mimic the brain.  But the question is always how closely should we use the brain as a working model?   At the link includes much more detail and an explanatory video.

AI Sheds Light on How the Brain Processes Language

MIT News, Anne Trafton, October 25, 2021

Research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) neuroscientists suggests the latest predictive language models' underlying mechanism functions similarly to the human brain's language-processing centers. MIT's Nancy Kanwisher said, "The better the model is at predicting the next word, the more closely it fits the human brain." Computer models that perform well on other language tasks do not exhibit this resemblance, implying the brain may drive language processing using next-word prediction. Stanford University's Daniel Yamins said, "Since the AI [artificial intelligence] network didn't seek to mimic the brain directly—but does end up looking brain-like—this suggests that, in a sense, a kind of convergent evolution has occurred between AI and nature."  ... ' 

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