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Friday, November 13, 2009

Got a Stain? An IPhone App for that

I see that the Tide Stain Brain is now available as a free IPhone App. This work has a long history at P&G and I had several involvements in the knowledge being delivered. The driving idea is to figure out how to take knowledge that the consumer package goods has and deliver it to the consumer at home and on the road. It has to be simple since consumer products are meant to be easy to use.

The stain advisor was first delivered via a CDRom in the early 90s, then via an 800 line number and next with a very sophisticated animated, talking artificial intelligence character based on 'Mr Clean'. Finally it resided as a application on the Tide Web site. Unilever soon copied us with their own detergent based stain site. Now its available for those with mobile stain needs on the IPhone. Don't know how much the knowledge has changed, the interface looks very simple.

Also uses a more social networking approach than previous implementations. That also makes this an interesting case study for delivering and sharing knowledge.

Press release. Tide is also on Facebook.

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