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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Shopper Assistant Adds Store Flyers

Recently I mentioned the IPhone Shopper, a store shopping list and aisle context application. I have done some additional explorations with the idea.

In a recent press release they have added the ability to get personalized promotional fliers from a number of chain stores.

They have ' ... launched weekly flyers from leading retailers such as Target, Best Buy, K Mart, Sears, Meijer, Walgreens, Lowes and Home Depot (among many others) in the app. Busy consumers no longer need to flip thru the weekly printed circulars to find deals on the items they are looking for. Users simply keep their shopping lists as they always have, and Shopper searches local stores for relevant specials ... ' Full Press release.

Regrettably it does not include US megachain Kroger where I do most of my chain shopping, nor Costco where I venture weekly, but I have set it up for nearby Meijer and CVS. Note it does cover far more retail than just Grocery. It is said to personalize fliers for you based on your shopping lists and the location of your store. Have yet to see some offers here, but I just set it up. A move in the right direction. What I want to do is to have it automatically indicate offers whenever I enter, or get close to a store. In fact why not have an option to bring up promotions for any participating store when you approach, regardless of your shopping list?

Ultimately would also like to see this connected to a fast and reliable IPhone 2D scanner such as RedLaser, previously reviewed here. The Redlaser system has its problems, for example it will not read something as simple as an upside-down bar code or a reflective surface.

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