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Monday, November 16, 2009

SAP's Corporate Social Network Analyzer

Interestingly enterprise transaction software giant SAP has developed a prototype system that analyzes network data to determine business relationships. You can even experiment with it directly here. We experimented with this concept a number of times. Thanks to Wim Van De Velde.

' ... The social network analyzer prototype aggregates existing enterprise data, using business intelligence techniques, to help you find entities/people based on multiple criteria, understand their relationships, connect with them and get up-to-date statistics on your organization.
The purpose of this technology is to deliver an environment where people can easily and quickly analyze corporate network relationships and find the information they are looking for in their daily jobs. The social network analyzer prototype lets you import and aggregate all the business network relationships between people that are already recorded in your business applications, such as:

- Management hierarchies from your human resources system
- Data on who worked on which deals, from your sales force automation system
- Partner, customer, and partner supplier contacts along your supply chain system
- People who work on similar transactions or projects within your operational systems... '.

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