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Friday, November 27, 2009

Kitchen Computer 1969

I recently posted about a 'home system' being advertised by Verizon. Part of our innovation center research was to understand how specialized systems in a home could help the consumer. Based on consumer interviews the kitchen was considered the center of that experience.

UK correspondent Richard James reminds me that about the same time that I was being introduced to any kind of digital computing, Honeywell was featuring its 'kitchen computer' in the 1969 Neiman Marcus catalog. Intriguing, though the article says there is no evidence that any were ever sold. Perhaps because: ' ... It sold for $10,000, weighs over 100 pounds, and is used for storing recipes (but reading or entering these recipes would have been very difficult for the average cook as the only "user interface" was the binary front panel lights and switches) ... '

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