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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Buyology Inc Launches

I have mentioned the work of Martin Lindstrom here a number of times and I am working with Buyology Inc, a US - based company that seeks to connect some of the newest neuroromarketing science with tough and profitable marketing decisions. It is an increasingly hot area that seeks to put together a new and more accurate set of perceptions to marketing science. Today's press release clarifies their approach further:

BUYOLOGY INC Forms To Shift Traditional Marketing Focus From Segmenting Brands To Consumers, To Segmenting Consumers To Brands
Marketing and consulting industry veterans join together to make neuromarketing more actionable by using technology to uncover powerful insights into the non-conscious

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BUYOLOGY INC. (www.buyologyinc.com), a marketing solutions company focused on helping marketers segment consumers to brands by tapping into the consumer non-conscious decision making process, has launched.

Comprised of veterans from the marketing and consulting industries, BUYOLOGY INC. has been formed to help marketers adapt to the reality that consumers are self-segmenting in their product purchase behavior and that a need exists to focus on segmenting consumers to brands in order to more effectively market to target audiences .. "

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