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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Serving the B2B Buyer

Have not seen too much advice about the details of selling B2B.  Here from ThinkwithGoogle

3 insights that will help you serve today’s B2B buyer    By Sarah Travis  

The way B2B buyers research and shop has changed dramatically in the last five years. The days when buyers would simply visit their local B2B store, talk with their sales rep, or order through a catalog are disappearing. With digital at the helm, most buyers are starting their purchase journey without setting foot in a store — even if they ultimately purchase offline.

In fact, recent research shows that on average, 67% of purchases for multiple industrial manufacturing and pack-and-ship industries were influenced by digital.1 As a result, we’re seeing a new type of B2B shopping behavior emerge — buyers are sitting at the intersection of online and offline.

As marketers, we need to better understand this new behavior so we can meet people in the moments they need us most — whether that is online or offline — and, ultimately, drive customer lifetime value. Here are three insights to help you better serve today’s B2B buyer: .... " 

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