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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

On the rise of the Chatbots

HPE provides an a good, non technical view.  Conversational intelligence and its increasing acceptance.  Obstacles will be maintaining the underlying knowledge.

Conversational AI and the rise of the chatbots

It’s important to understand what conversational AI is, why it’s become so popular, the obstacles, and its likely future.

You can hardly turn on the television news, pull a magazine off a rack in a doctor’s office, or check out your social media without being confronted by a discussion about artificial intelligence. Whether the writer or talking head is decrying the imminent robot apocalypse or celebrating our deep-learning-based salvation, most of the coverage has one thing in common: an imprecise definition of AI. AI is, at its base, nothing more than software that simulates intelligence.

One specific type of AI is cropping up all around the Internet: conversational AI, mostly in the form of chatbots. The most recent and high-profile news about AI was Google’s announcement that its AI, called Google Assistant, beat the Turing test—150 times. The Turing test evaluates a machine’s ability to successfully mimic human intelligence by presenting as indistinguishable from human communication. .... " 

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