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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Macy's and Storytelling

Had previously mentioned how Jungle Jims did this.   Also saw at the recent UC Business Summit saw presentations about their approaches.  More to follow on that.

Macy’s latest acquisition is all about STORYtelling   by George Anderson in Retailwire

Macy’s, Inc. announced that it has acquired STORY, an experiential concept store in New York. STORY’s founder and CEO, Rachel Shechtman, will join Macy’s as the company’s brand experience officer focused on the retailer’s in-store experience.

STORY completely changes its store layout and merchandise every four to eight weeks, focusing on a new theme with each changeover. The concept, which was founded in 2011 by Ms. Shechtman, a former brand consultant for Kraft and TOMS shoes, emphasizes brand collaboration as it builds unique retail experiences for consumers. .... " 

“It’s exciting to have a national stage to leverage STORY’s learnings and relationships to create impact at scale,” said Ms. Shechtman. “I’m energized by the opportunity to further build new customer experiences across the Macy’s portfolio, while also continuing to pursue new business models and brand partnerships.” ...  '

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