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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Data Science Views for IOT

Data Science for Internet of Things - The Big Picture in DSC  See the diagram at the link.   Posted by ajit jaokar  

This big picture view lays the foundation of our book Data Science for the Internet of Things. (Co-authored by Ajit Jaokar, Jean Jacques Bernard and Sukanya Mandal)

We address the question: at what points can we add analytics to the data after it leaves the sensor and what are the implications of doing so at various stages.

In this diagram, we present the big picture through two process flows:

Technology flow: Edge to Stream to Store
Deployment flow: Model build, deploy and refresh in production including at the edge

Data Science for IoT implementation differs from traditional Data Science in four key aspects

Edge Computing
Feature Engineering for IoT
Complex event processing
Embedded AI  ... "

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